About Us

Company number: 11583025
Address: 2 Warmley Close, Solihull, B91 2NB, United Kingdom

We acquired this company in 2021 with the intention of opening an art gallery. Since 2016, I have been collecting paintings, primarily replicas of famous artworks, created by the renowned artist Mihail Cernescu. He has become my mentor in the art of painting, and in the near future, I will also be presenting my own oil on canvas works, a collection created under his guidance.

In September 2023, we launched this online gallery under the name FIRO Art, at the domain painting-shop.co.uk. We plan to open a physical art gallery in the near future, no later than the summer of 2024.

This gallery will be located in the town of Solihull, and we intend to expand to London and, depending on the extent of our collection, to major cities across the United Kingdom.

We invite you to confidently purchase the artworks featured on this website for sale, noting that shipping is free after online payment. Alternatively, you can personally pick up the desired paintings from our headquarters during our daily operating hours, from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Dorin Fironda, Director
Ioana Nicoară, Gallery Custodian

The Beginning

2016 – 2022

Between 2016 and 2022, we amassed numerous paintings, mostly reproductions of famous artworks by renowned artists from the 19th and 20th centuries, as well as original paintings by established and talented artists.


In September 2023, we launched this website as an exclusive online gallery where we showcased for sale a selection of original paintings and reproductions of famous works, all created by the Romanian painter Mihail Cernescu, whose self-description you can read in the “artists” section.


In 2024, we have set our sights on launching a new project – the opening of at least one physical art gallery where art enthusiasts can admire and purchase the works of FiroArt Gallery in a specially designed space. Initially, we plan to establish it in the town of Solihull, with subsequent expansions into London and other major cities across the United Kingdom.